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  • An 'automated notification system' that fits seamlessly in the grip, automatically notifying an officer's location when his or her gun is discharged, with no interference with the weapon's operations.


  • Our system allows officers to maintain maximum tactical advantage, as it does not require officers to transmit their location.  

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Real Time  

Survivor Link will be customizable to notify your desired recipients of:

  • weapons drawn

  • shots fired

  • incremental location updates in the event of pursuits or stolen weapons

  • pictures of undercover officers

  • medical info

  • Color of the day or Challenge response

  • Survivor Link system can integrate with CAD or notify via SMS 

In the video below you will see how our technology could have eliminated confusion the officer experienced while trying to advise dispatch and backup of their location. The full incident shows the officer requested location information 6 times without any assistance. Survivor Link would have allowed for faster back up by automatically transmitting their location. 


If the officer that was shot had been hit anywhere else, medical attention would have been critical and yet, delayed, from lack of location awareness. With the Survivor Link system, officers need only listen that help was on the way, allowing them to remain focused on the incident at hand and public safety.

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