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Who Is Double Pull?

Double Pull, Inc. is a company created to address a specific set of needs related to police officer safety and quicker backup response. The company has patented and developed a technology that can help save a police officer's life.

What Is Survivor Link?

The "Survivor Link" system provides Real Time updates of an officer's location during an officer involved shooting.  Instant and incremental updates allow for quicker backup response and medical attention. In addition, it allows an officer to maintain tactical fighting position by not needing to use his/her arms to request backup, as an officer need only listen that their information was transmitted and received, and help is on the way. This type of customizable, stand-alone, automated system has not been available until today.

Who Do We Help?

There are currently 17,985 police departments that employ over 1.2 million police officers in the United States. All of them have need for our product and service. There are over 13,000 registered private security firms in the United States. All of them utilize private radio and weapon systems. The U.S. Military has over 50 separate security divisions employing over 120,000 enlisted Military Police officers. The U.S. Border Patrol employs over 21,000 agents that frequently engage in confrontational situations where Survivor Link can provide location and other information for safety and assistance. Survivor Link can also enhance current video evidence systems or be used as a stand-alone safety and shot-recording device. 


In the civilian market, Survivor Link can be customized and used by gun dealers and homeowners for faster weapon recovery in the even of theft. 

What Is The Impact Of Double Pull's Survivor Link?

On July 7, 2016, five Dallas, Texas police officers were shot and killed. Survivor Link could have detected the fallen officers and notified dispatch of their location. This could have expedited medical response and possibly saved some lives.

"Had their weapons been equipped with Survivor Link, some of them may have survived."

  - Police Sergeant & Training Officer of a large metropolitan police department

Is There A Need For DPI's Life Saving Solution?

We have defined major issues law enforcement officers face as they perform their jobs. Currently, officers rely on Specialized Mobile Radios to communicate vital information to dispatch and support teams. During shootouts, a split-second decision can make the difference between life and death for the officer. 


Calling for backup: 

  • Distracts the officer while using their radio

  • Time finding location

  • Tactical distraction removing hands from weapon

  • Removing eyes from threat


While Survivor Link is not a tracking device, it can be used for weapon recovery in the event a firearm is stolen. 


Foot pursuits often result in Officer Involved Shootings (OSI). Current technology directs support teams to the officers vehicles. Our technology will direct responding backup to an officer's location, by providing incremental updates.


After action reports and crime scene data/reconstructions will be greatly facilitated and costs reduced by using Survivor Link data. 

What Kind Of Service & Support Will Be Available?

We will assist with installation and training, with a one year warranty.

Frequently asked questions

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