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Chief Technology Officer

Clay von Mueller is a U.S. inventor who has over 30 patents in multiple fields to his name.  Born in Evanston, IL, Clay attended UC Berkley before founding the first of many successful companies, Support Systems, which worked with the U.S. Navy at NSWSES Port Hueneme, CA.  Clay developed low power remote monitoring systems to improve ship and submarine personnel safety.  In 1996, Clay founded Semtek which developed format preserving encryption (FPE) which is now a NIST standard.  FPE enabled secure end to end IoT based transactions without modification of the packet structure. Verifone, acquired Semtek in 2010 adding this technology to their terminals.

After Semtek, Clay founded DyOcean, Inc. to develop new technology for other companies and help bring them to market.  Some of these include the iWallet, a biometric Bluetooth enabled carbon fiber wallet, Cassen’s Transport VIN reading tablet sled, the uMsr, an RSA/FPE encryption enabled credit card reader the size of a sugar cube, and Yacht Buddy, a marine sump pump switch capable of detecting oil in bilge water and notifying via cell phone app.